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Book Review & Summary: The Power of Positive Thinking

This book came highly recommended, but now having read it, I would say a summary of its contents would serve as a sufficient alternative to the book in its entirety.

Though I was a bit disappointed in this book overall, the reading of it was not entirely useless. I did learn/relearn a few important points:

  1. Holding onto grudges does little to those the negativity is directed towards. By continuing to live with resentment, I’m really harming myself.
    • Face challenges head on and try to process them rather than run from them
    • Don’t brood longer than necessary (just as with a physical wound, which I would immediately attempt to heal)
  2. Negative thinking, like any habit, can be broken
    • Likewise, positive thinking can be developed
  3. Thoughts can often become self-fulfilling prophecies
  4. In a moment of anger, ask myself if it’s really worth investing such strong emotion over what is likely a minor irritation
    • Also remember that if I behave impulsively in such circumstances,
      • I am likely to do something I will regret
      • I will likely damage relationships

I don’t hold The Power of Positive Thinking and Norman Vincent Peale entirely responsible for failing to live up to expectation. I was eager to have a tool to help me explore a different mindset, but I should’ve known better than to make this book out to be a cure-all for my naturally anxious and future oriented disposition.

I believe this book may have different lessons for everyone, but I also don’t consider it necessary to read the whole book to get the basic principles.


Have you read The Power of Positive Thinking? What were your takeaways?



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